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  1. For the some of services like aircraft / helicopter rental services, we have also associates and provide these as brokers. It’s not necessary that our company owns the particular aircraft / helicopters for which details are on this site.

  2. It may resemble some of pics / text etc. with the any one organization / individual, if so we regret for the same & not responsible for nay copy rite manners.

  3. The pictures, interiors & specifications may vary / different from the actual aircraft /helicopters to be provided.

  4. The base of aircraft / helicopters and terms / conditions, other details about no. of fleet, fares / charges etc., subject to change time to time without prior notice or updation of the site.

  5. This web site was prepared with our best of efforts / knowledge & available sources, without any prejudice or with no competition, business rival with any other organization / individual etc. with no such intentions for the same.

  6. We have clearly mentioned about our policies/ terms & conditions separately for the services provided.

  7. The promoters of this company were also promoters of other company with the name of “Rajputana Aviation Academy Pvt.. Ltd.” Jaipur, which is established & run by this group of promoters successfully since more then 15 years. Now this group is also providing services with new name ‘Rajputana Aviation’. About profile / some of credentials / experience / expertise of ‘Rajputana Aviation’ may reflect with ‘ Rajputana Aviation Academy Pvt. Ltd.’ on this site information / contents.

  8. we don’t have own approvals & permissions with the name of ‘Rajputana Aviation’ it is under process. At present training will be provided with our prominent associate organizations having bases in India & abroad.