Terms & Conditions

  1. Additional charges payable with chartered services:-

    1. Waiting charges, for first two -hour free subsequent hours and part they’re of Rs. 1,500/- per hour. (C -172). & Rs. 5,000/- per hour for other aircraft & helicopters, in general, waiting charges also depends & may be different as per type of aircraft /helicopters & different operators / owners policies. In case utilization is more than 03 hours per day, no waiting charges will be charged for the helicopters.

    2. Night stay charges, Rs. 15,000- to 25,000/- ( as per the type / make / weight of the aircraft / helicopter night halt charges can be changed as per actual charges ) per night or part thereof (night means half an hour after sub set to half an hour before sun rise) for all type of aircraft / helicopters. It also depends as per other operators / owners policies / terms & conditions.

    3. Charges for the flight crew stay meals at the hotel (five star or best available) and transportation.

    4. Landing & parking charges – Some resorts / hotels charge landing & parking charges for the helicopters around Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 15000/-. Charges for aircraft / helicopters of other airstrips of govt. & private (controlled / uncontrolled) is payable extra as per actual.

    5. Ground handling /passengers handling charges at controlled / uncontrolled bases / airports / helipads as per operator’s policies/ terms.

    6. The actual charges & arrangement of Police / security / fire /ambulance / doctor & making of the helipad at controlled / uncontrolled bases will be paid & arranged by the chatterer.

    7. Permission from the local ADMINISTRATION / civil aviation authorities including district authorities for the landing (other then A.A.I controlled airport)/ flower dropping / aerial photography / pamphlet dropping etc. is to be arranged & taken by the booking party.

    8. If refueling required, the charges of the fuel transportation are extra as per actual expenses per kilometer basis & available transport basis. The charges for the helper/ technicians refueling handling as per actual available labor charges.

    9. Any other charges against other then regular charges like extension of the watch hours at aerodromes / airports / helipads are payable extra.

  2. Bookings can be done any time, in normal conditions 4-hour advance notice for Jaipur based aircraft / helicopters and 12 hours-24 hours for other aircraft/helicopters for chartered services and air taxi along with full payment is essential for any charter services or air taxi services. We can provide aircraft /helicopter with a minimum notice in a special conditions / emergency etc. It is advisable that bookings will be made as earlier or earliest possible to avoid last minute hassles and confirmation of booking on the desired dates & time. There is no limit of advance booking dates.

  3. Flight cancellation policy:-

    1. The flight can be cancelled at any time / at any moment. In event of cancellation of flight, due to unavoidable circumstances force major/ weather / technical / administrative / legal / natural calamities reasons etc., no refund will be made after conduct of the flight, means if flight take off from one destination to other destination and or it is diverted or unable to land or with any other reasons of force major / unavoidable circumstances, it is back or diverted or cancelled from other bases in route or at landing bases, no refund, before flight take off or before flight conduct, if flight cancelled on force major, 90 % refund will be made within 90 days & after 45 days in general. It also depends on case to case basis, if flight arrangements expenses on higher side, refund amount will be settled as per case to case basis.

    2. In case of cancellation by the chartering party or a passenger before and up to 48 hours, the charges after 50 % deduction would be refunded within 90 max & after 45 days. No refund will be made after 48 hours time left before flight scheduled. The refund matter / request will be submitted to the company within max. 15 days of the date of flight, no refund matter will be considered after this period and also settled the matter or collect the amount within 60 days, on failing of collection amount within specific period no refunds / consideration for the same .

    3. If cancellation by the chartering party or passengers case of booked quite earlier, before 30 days or earlier refund after deduction of 25 % of total charter amount, if before 15 to 30 days deduction 50 % of total charter amount and if up to 15 days refund of 25 % of total charter amount only.

(Above mentioned cancellation policy are in general, it can be different & also depends on case to case basis of other operators / companies/ aircraft/ helicopter owners/ organizations policies / terms & conditions, it can be also change / modified without prior notice time to time).

  1. The flight timing would be counted from the time the aircraft engine start before take off to the time the engine is shut off after landing, rounded off to the next 15 minutes or block time. If flight booked on block time formula all the conditions will be apply accordingly.

  2. Any charges towards extension of watch hours (airport services beyond regular timings) would also be paid by the chartering party.

  3. In C-172 aircraft & R 44 Helicopter baggage only brief case of 10 kg. Only be allowed.

  4. For flower & other droppings, the permission from the district administration required (it is to be provided by the booking party).

  5. The arrangements of the flowers and flowers is to be provided by the booking party on their own cost.. The charges of the flowers are not included in the flight tariff.

  6. About 30-40 kgs. Flowers can be dropped without passengers in one flight. With passengers quantity of the flowers depends on the numbers & weight of the passengers and decision of the pilot will be final in the matter.

  7. It is require providing only rose flowers petals in cotton bags by the passengers / party.

  8. No assurance and guarantee to drop flowers at the exact destination, spot or the place.

  9. The impact of the flower dropping depends on the circumstances, weather conditions etc.. The company is not responsible for the same.

  10. If passengers on board during flower dropping, the final decision of the pilot is to be agreeable by the passengers / party about quantity of the flowers, no’s of the persons etc. the company is not liable into any incident and accidents claim by the passengers during & after dropping flight.

  11. For photography, permission from the civil aviation dept. required along with the local authorities.

  12. For pamphlet / any other article dropping permission from the competent authorities required in advance.

  13. For the helicopters / aircraft, we have given maximum seating capacity. However, depending on the length (duration of flight), height & specification / condition of the helipad /airstrip, prevailing temperature of the day, the number of pad may reduce. We will advice you regarding this on case to case basis.

  14. For any joy ride flight, no guarantee for the exact place or destination sight seeing, or over the site. It can be depend on the ATC directions, weather & other administrative conditions.

  15. No guarantee for the time of joy rides / air sight seeing circuits. It can be depend on the ATC directions. We are charging for the one circuit basis charges for the landing & take off, not for the exact time of the circuit’s

  16. In case of any dispute the decision of the board of Directors / partners / promoters Rajputana Aviation will be final and binding and the jurisdiction of court will be of Jaipur only.

Terms in general:-

  1. All Costs are estimated & based on distance and approximate cruising speed of the aircraft in nil wind conditions. Any delay /diversion due to bad weather or refueling purpose, VVIP/VIP flight, unserviceable runway etc. have not been taken into consideration. The final invoice will be based on actual Block Flight Time (measured from “Engine Starting” to “Engine Switch off”) and aircraft / Helicopter waiting period on ground. The costs include Aircraft Rental, Crew Salaries, Maintenance, Insurance, Fuel Costs, In-flight catering, Route Navigation Charges, Landing and Parking Charges.

  2. FORCE MAJURE Operator does not hold itself responsible for non-operation of charter for any unforeseen reasons such as:

    1. Bad Weather

    2. Poor Visibility, temperature condition.

    3. Non-Availability of clearances from Air Traffic Control / Defence Authorities / Civil Administration etc.

    4. Any other reason, technical / administrative / legal / natural calamity etc.

  3. We always obtain the destination weather before departure. However, if due to sudden deterioration of weather en-route / destination, the aircraft can not land at the Destination and has to return to the staring point or divert to some other airport, the actual flying time would be chargeable and balance if any, would be payable / refundable.

  4. Crew Boarding, Lodging & Transport during the halt & night halt will be provided by booking party. CREW BOARDING & LODGE charges if paid by crew is RS. 20,000/- minimum or as applicable to available five star hotel charges at the destinations.

  5. Extension of watch hour’s charges will be charged on actual, the copy of bill from Airport Authority of India / any other authority / owner of the aerodrome / airstrip will be forwarded along with final invoice.

  6. Flight will be treated confirm only after receiving 100% advance deposit by cheque / DD in favor of RAJPUTANA\ AVIATION, JAIPUR

  7. Cancellation Charges
    After booking / Confirmation 10% of total charter cost.
    45 Days – 20 Days before flight 25% of total charter cost.
    Less than 20 Days before 48 hours of the flight 50% of total charter cost.
    No refund on & up to 48 hours.
    If paid / deposited by the client any token advance money against air charter booking of air plane / helicopter / any flying machine or against other flight operations, handling, management etc. flight related charges are non-refundable in any case, means if chartering person / party / agent / agency / representative deposited token amount of some extent against total charter amount , it will be non refundable, any refunds may be considerable on & after only full & final advance payment received. If client also fail to pay / deposit the remaining / balance amount in stipulated period / time / schedule after depositing token amount, can not be refunded by the booking company in any way. Token amount deposit also not to be considered as confirmation of the flight booking, confirmation of the flight only can be done after having full & final estimated payment .
    (Above cancellation charges policy are in general, it can be changed or modified without any prior notice The cancelation charges and other terms are also depend on the case to case and other operator’s / companies / organizations terms & conditions basis.)

Before undertaking any flights first confirm the availability of aircraft and reconfirm the rates mentioned.

Above terms and conditions are in general, it may different or can be change without prior notice in case to case basis due to other flight operator’s conditions.


Please sign the acceptance and fax / mail to us along with necessary advance by cheque / DD favoring M/S. Rajputana Aviation or cash so that we will block/book the aircraft / helicopter accordingly.