Commercial Pilot Training

Commercial pilot Licence (CPL)

The C.P.L. exposes to many exciting opportunities in India and Abroad, it is a professional pilot Licence after qualifying for C.P.L. anyone can serve as pilot in any Airways etc. in Country and abroad. The is a step ahead of P.P.L. the experienced instructors of the Academy cater to trainee pilots specific needs while he is well in his way to complete the required hours of Cross Country Flying and Instruments time, which is included in the 200 Hour of abtaining C.P.L. A student can get the CPL by doing his flying training for complete total 200 Hour of flying.


XII (Physics and Maths), 18 years minimum age.


As granted by AFCME, New Delhi/ IAM, Bangalore Class I medical.


A written in the following subjects is needed for getting the CPL: Air Regulations, aviation Meterology, Air navigation, Technical General & specific. These exams are conducted 4 times a year.


200 hours of total flying time (125 hours of solo, 25 hours of cross country, 10 hours of instruments flying, 5 hours of night flying).


This rating allows you to fly at night, subject to weather conditions. It consists of minimum of prescribed flying hours at night a flight test, as required by D.G.C.A. (Director General Civil Aviation).

This is career oriented, Licence, opens way to join as pilot in Major Airlines or a Company or Charter Aircraft with Handsome salary and remunerations. After obtaining the commercial pilot Licence, Commercial Airlines may induct for further training on bigger Aircraft.