Aviation Consultancy

Aircraft Arrangements

Arrangements of all type of flying machines (aircraft / helicopters / large passenger aircraft for all type of aviation services including air cargo services.

We Can Associate

We can associate with any associate group as per following with our experience, expertise, professional / technical manpower, technical support and available infrastructure.

  • Preparation & submission of complete project reports, including financial aspects.
  • Set up of complete new aviation infrastructure & base.
  • Fulfilment of all type of complete aviation requirements as per aviation authorities / agencies guidelines, check lists etc. 
  • Liaison with all government authorities / agencies etc..
  • Procurement of all type of approvals, permissions, permits, licenses and no objection certificates from authorities / agencies.
  • Procurement of aircraft, tools & equipments etc. from india & abroad.
  • We have with us sufficient technical manpower & manpower network, like – pilots, instructors, engineers, technicians etc. (as you know it is very difficult to have such type of manpower in this present period, because lots of new aviation organization are up coming day by day and there is acute shortage of pilots & engineers in our country). if your group also have such manpower or can manage, we will accommodate them.
  • After set up and getting approvals / permissions etc., complete day-to-day operations, management & maintenance work with our professional team.