Instrument Rating Training

Instrument Rating Training

This rating enables you to fly in non visual weather conditions using various instruments in the Aircraft to guide the pilot. There is single engine and Multi- Engine Instruments Rating. This rating consists of Simulator training and in – flight practical experience.

 Student will be required to appear for an examination covering the theoretical aspects of Instruments flying prior to commencement of training for the rating.

Flight Radio Telephone Operators Training

While trainees are student pilot will need to study for and abtain a flight radio telephone operator licence (FRTO) issued by the ministry of Communications.

To do this student needs to :

1 – Pass on Oral/ Written examination in Communication, Regulations and procedures.

2 – Demonstration of Aircraft Radio Equipments operating Skills.

3 – Proficiency in Morse code.

Endorsement on Higher Category

Multi- Engine Rating & Instruments Rating

Once you get the CPL, you may want to go in for multiengine training. After 7 to 10 hours of multi engine training on a certain aircraft, your licence will carry an endorsement of the aircraft you have flown.