Private Pilot Training

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

The course is designed to learn the art of flying. This Licence qualifies to fly cross country A P.P.L. holder can fly anywhere in India or abroad (subject to local laws) or Aircraft endorsed on particular licence. 

He is not allowed to serve as a pilot with night rating and instrument or for commercial purpose P.P.L. holder can fly also in night. After getting the SPL the candidate accompanied by the flying instructor proceeds for initial flying training this is dual flight, where the instructor accompanies the learner to teach him the practical aspects of flying. Them the candidate gets his first independent flight normally after about 15 hour of dual flying. This includes cross country. A total of 60 Hours of flying is needed of which 20 hour minimum should be solo and 5 hours cross country.

Theory Exam

There is a theory examination also, the composite paper of air regulation Aviation Meteorogy and air navigation and technical performances (General) Specific aircraft : Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation ,Aircraft Engines.


10th with any stream and class II medical fitness certificate from AFCME or IAM. The age requirement is 17 years.